Dear Congressman – A T1Ds Concerns with The American Health Care Act

I never intended Travelbetic to be a platform to share my political opinion, but with the release of the GOP’s first draft of legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare I feel compelled to share far and wide why I believe…


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Tips for Managing Blood Sugar While Surfing with Type 1 Diabetes   I recently received an email from a fellow active T1D asking how I manage my blood sugar during a surf session. I thought my methods could prove useful…

Free National Parks Pass for Some with Diabetes


  After some controversy regarding who qualifies for the Free National Parks Access Pass and much back and forth with the National Parks Service, here are the details behind whether or not someone with type 1 diabetes qualifies.

Hiking the Grand Canyon with Type 1 Diabetes

Hiking the Grand Canyon with Type 1 Diabetes

Hiking the South Kaibab Trail Into the Grand Canyon with Type 1 Diabetes   Type 1 diabetes shouldn’t stop you from anything, especially not from hiking into the most beautiful place I have ever been, the Grand Canyon! Hiking the Grand…

Road Tripping With T1D – Part 1 – New Mexico


Amongst the confusion, stress and worry that accompanied my diagnosis with type 1 diabetes 3 years ago, also dwelt concern for my ability to travel, to live carelessly, minimally and to let the world consume me, teach me and show…

A Road Trip For US

A Road Trip For US

When the love and longing for travel has rooted in your soul, in your very core, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to look at a map and wonder when you will get a chance to see all those magnificent places. Despite…


CGM Data on Smart Watch while Surfing

One of the most frustrating parts of life to adjust to after diagnosis with type 1 diabetes three years ago was surfing. Nothing burns carbs like chasing waves for hours and keeping my blood sugar in range was difficult. I battled…

Featured Travelbetic: Ashika Parsad

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This month’s featured Travelbetic is the very inspiring Ashika Parsad. This T1D adventurer takes diabetes along on epic backpacking hikes around the mountains of Canada and shows the world that T1D can’t hold her back! Through her #AdventuresofaT1D campaign Ashika…



Red Rocks Amphitheater is America’s music Mecca. Every artist dreams of the day they get to mount the Red Rocks stage while music fan’s dreams are filled with magical moments on the rocks. Red Rocks is a natural amphitheater that formed when…